List of Lectures 

ECA - Micobiological Best Laboratory Practice:

- Microbial Limit Test for Non-Sterile Products
- Test Test for Specified Organisms
- Harmonized Methods for Testing of Non-Sterile Products (Workshop Session)
- Rapid Microbiological Methods
- Method Validation according Ph. Eur. 5.1.6.

ECA - Contamination Control:

- Basic Principles of Hygiene and Contamination Control
- Sources of Contamination and Preventive Measures

Concept Heidelberg – Efficient data management in microbiology (M9):

- Statistical methods in microbiology
- Limit setting (Workshop session)
- Efficient management of microbiological sampling plans
- Efficient sampling plans for testing non-sterile products (workshop session)
- Case studies: Improvement of running times in the laboratory with Lean Six Sigma

Concept Heidelberg – Microbiological test methods. GMP-compliant application and validation (M2):

- Detection of specific microorganisms and their identification
- Microbiological environmental controls 

Concept Heidelberg – GMP fundamentals of sterile production (S4)

- Clean rooms/isolators/RABS- Personal hygiene
- Cleaning and disinfection
- Workshop: processing case studies
- Inspection and audits for sterile production 

Heipha – Practical training for fungus identification

- Mould in the pharmaceutical field

Heipha – GMP basis: General microbiology & hygiene

- Microbiological quality control
- Personal hygiene
- GMP-compliant documentation
- Workshop GMP & microbiology
- Requirements for pharmaceutical products
- Microbiological monitoring

Heipha – Performance test of disinfectants

- Disinfectants: Basis and definition
- Use and inspection of disinfectants 

Heipha – Microbiological high-speed methods and their validation

- Chapter 5.1.6 – modern microbiological methods
- Overview of the current methods 

Heipha – Microbiological testing of non-sterile pharmaceuticals with exchange of experiences:

- Background and current trends towards the chapter for microbiological testing of non-sterile products
- Challenges with culture media
- Workshop: Exchange of experience

Swiss Cleanroom Concept – Requirements of ventilation technology:

- Mikrobiologische Reinraumqualifizierung und Monitoring