Circo FantazzTico

The project “Circo FantazzTico” works in marginal areas of San Isidro de El General, in the south of Costa Rica where different social problems are very present. In order to offer young people a positive and future-oriented way to use their free time, the Association Vida Nueva created this project in 2002.

Since 2007 a group of very motivated and talented young circus performers train together to create show programs. These circus performances are presented at local events and various international festivals alike (e.g. EJC – European Juggling Convention, FIA – Festival Internacional de las Artes, …). Moreover the “Grupo Fijo” travels across Europe on several tournees. Not only does the group perform shows, they also engage in intercultural exchanges sharing circus skills and offering workshops at other circuses and schools.

If you like to get more informations about the Circo FantazzTico visit their website:  

And if you’re interested in supporting the project and helping the group to finance their European Tour, please send me an email to receive more informations: g(at)